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Our mission

We are all about smart travel.

We think that truly experiencing the world means having access unmissable opportunites at your fingertips, taking advantage of those opportunities and immersing yourself in other cultures. You provide us with your travel plan, current location or a destination, and we'll show you nearby volunteering jobs, paid jobs, and once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

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How it works

How to travel with Tripapt


Plan your trip ✈️

Search for your favourite destinations and add them to the map, share your trip to social media


Explore opportunities 🪂

Find opportunities while you travel. We'll show you nearby events, jobs and experiences along your route


Interact with other travelers 👍❤️

Interact with other travelers, make connections that last a lifetime. Share your experiences with other travelers through writing or video

Why should I travel using tripapt?


Enter multiple locations, dates and durations and we’ll find the opportunity which fits you and your route!


Escape the typical tourist traps and make your own route with our route planner


Experience cultures the right way - by working like a local

How it works

How to hire with Tripapt


Sign up as a business, for FREE 🎉️

As an early adopter, you get a recruiter membership for FREE for a year. That means you can post unlimited jobs for 365 days


Post jobs to attract travelers and temporary workers worldwide 🔥

Create attractive adverts to recruit workers, whilst managing the hiring process from your dashboard


Unlock your business potential️ 🚀

Recruiting the staff you need is no longer daunting task, and finding those who best suit the temporary role becomes easy

Why would I want my business on tripapt?


Access to the global temporary job seeker community


Manage your applicants through our personalised dashboard


Promote your business globally

Our Founders

Lewis Fairweather - Tripapt Co-Founder
Lewis Fairweather


Jon Page - Tripapt Co-Founder
Jon Page


Our Co-Founders, Jon and Lewis, are avid travellers. Having backpacked across Asia and Europe on a student budget they found themselves working temporary jobs to make ends meet. Doing this made them realise that the best thing about travel wasn't just the place, but also the people. They agreed that to experience new cultures to the fullest you needed to escape the tourist traps and live like a local, and the brainchild which is tripapt was born!