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How to Use the Trip Planner

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Search and explore destinations around the world

Enter your favorite travel destination, next adventure, or your current location, then add it to your travel plan. Select the location as it appears in the dropdown below. You could search for 'Bangkok Thailand', 'Madrid, Spain', 'Paris, France', 'London, England' or any destination around the world!

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Enter the arrival and leave dates

Enter arrival and leave dates. Use the date picker to let us know when you are going. This helps to build a timeline of your journey. You can even choose dates that have already happened. Perfect for showing everyone where you've just been on your traveling journey.

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Find nearby jobs, book cheap flights

Using your destination details, find nearby work and search for cheap flights. Find volunteer jobs, or paid jobs along your route, meaning you can just focus on the traveling. Want to see the latest flight deals? You can now view or book flights from each destination.

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Create and organize multiple trips

View your destinations on our multi-stop trip planner. This gives you a different view of your travels. You can countdown the days until you arrive, and edit the destination details. The possibilities are endless with our free route planner.

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Share to social media!

Show off your travels to friends and family. Once you've created and finalized your trip, click one of the social share buttons to share your trip to facebook, tweet your travel plan on twitter, or copy the live URL to your travel plan to send to anyone you like.