A Guided Tour through the Mountains of Norway – Vol. 1

Welcome to our mindful travel community experience, take a load off and relax, no backpacks needed for this virtual experience!

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A Guided Tour through the Mountains of Norway – Vol. 1.

Welcome to our mindful travel community experience, take a load off and relax, no backpacks needed for this virtual experience!

This experience is best enjoyed seated upright in a peaceful area, after going on the virtual tour its best you close your eyes and spend some time focusing on your breathing using the power of your mind to explore the area you just ventured through. Using each breath to re-centre your focus on your adventure through these Nordic planes. Let’s begin.

Setting 1.

Tripapt mindful visual tour 1
You’ve just been teleported to a land of bird whistles, looking out into the Norwegian sea. Pausing in awe of this deep blue sea that spans from Scandinavia to Greenland, you look down at your feet to see them comfortably grounded amongst the fluffy green moss of this lesser-known mountain trail. You decide to turn around, continuing your hike to witness the beauty that golden hour bestows on these restful mountain ranges.

Setting 2.

Tripapt mindful visual tour 2

After turning, you’re faced with mountain ranges broken up by valleys and fjords. You take a moment to appreciate how this aquatic terrain has witnessed generation after generation of progress in specialized shipbuilding. First the longboat of the Vikings in the 9-11th century, to 1905 when its land became a major maritime transporter of world goods after gaining independence from Sweden in 1905. As you decide which way to walk, you look down to see an emerald plant pointing towards a curve in the mountains, calling you to discover that direction.

Setting 3.

Tripapt mindful visual tour 3
You walk down the mountain range and the wind picks up. It glides past your ears uttering a gentle howl. You’re reminded that Norway is home to the world’s most remote island and how these winds are often the loudest thing in these parts. You feel at one with the wind as mother nature welcomes you to her proud home, gently guiding you down this crunchy moss-paved mountain pass. After a while of walking, you run your hands along a cold, wet mountain bathing in its daily golden-hour sun. On its back, you find an area of crunchy green shrubbery seemingly untouched for generations.

Setting 4.

Tripapt mindful visual tour 4

You take a step through this welcoming path, careful not to harm the wildflowers. They dance in the same wind which guided you before. The swings and sways point in a direction down path to a place where the sea is turning golden in its preparation to meet with the sun. You walk down this cliff who stands proud of its unique status. The Norwegian mountains last had their underbellies’ tectonic plate collide 400 million years ago, meaning their tectonic plate is still moving apart. You take a moment to consider how existing models suggest some mountains can shed half of their height in 20 million years. Pondering over the thought that these same rocks had once been high in the clouds above you. You reminisce over the circle of life and how the world around us is on a similar cycle too, growing alongside you. You look around and find a small body of water, completely surrounded by mountains. You decide to climb a cliff face to get a better view.

Setting 5.

Tripapt mindful visual tour 5

Each handle and footstep lay perfect in this mudstone cliff, guiding you up safely without a tremble or shake. You reach the top of the mountain and look over the fading light which now seems eternal, never to turn dark. You take a moment to reflect upon Henrik Ibsen’s words about the Norwegian people, who himself was a proud Norwegian and early founder of modernism in theatre, known as “the father of realism”, due to his style of playwriting in the 19th century. He said,

“The magnificent, but severe, natural environment surrounding people up there in the north, the lonely, secluded life—the farms are miles apart—forces them to… become introspective and serious.… At home, every other person is a philosopher!”.

You realize the benefits of such a tranquil quiet place on the mind, close your eyes to concentrate on breathing, taking a moment for introspection about nothing else but how you feel.

(Close your eyes, set your timer for 5 or 10 minutes focusing on this journey during that time)

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Photo credits to @Maxrivephotography find his amazing work on Instagram!

By TripaptPublished Apr 26, 2022


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