Amazing 10-Day Sailing Itinerary for Sardinia

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We heard so many good things about Sardinia, so we scoured through all our contacts to speak with local guides, yacht chartering companies and fellow tourists until we made a list of the absolute best places to see in Sardinia. Then we drew a 10-day route between them!

Read below to get details on where you can fly in from, how you can travel between the destinations and how you can do absolutely everything during your journey. Just give us 10 minutes of reading time and you’ll have the full know how! Remember to bookmark this article because we’ll post links to all the things you’ll need.

Stop 1: Cala Coticcio – Caprera

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(Photo from @marklions on Instagram) – Figure 1

How to get there

The Cala Coticcio beach is our recommended starting point, you can fly in via the airport in Olbia; seen in the north east area of the image below (You can purchase your plane tickets through our trip planner). After you arrive at Olbia airport, you can immediately find a local charter for boats, here is one we found just outside the airport which is a great family size 6 person boat for $299 a day. If you’d prefer a safer method, you can spend 1 hour travelling from the airport via bus and ferry for 5-7 euros here, that will take you to Caprera, Cala Coticcio! Cala Cotticio is part of the small sprinkle of Islands just north east of the mainland.

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Why it’s so special

After arriving in Caprera, Cala Coticcio by ferry or chartered boat, you’ll sail into an unreal cove (figure 1 above) in the Maddalena National Park. If you like snorkelling this destination is great. You should definitely read thekatieshowblog because it details step by step everything you need to do if you want to experience this wonder in the right way. After spending a day on this beautiful island, read on below learn about where go next.

Stop 2: Cala Goloritze – Baunei

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(Actual photo from @marklions on Instagram) – Figure 2

Why it’s so special

In this location you’ll be able to swim with marine life and shipwrecks all after a hike where you’ll pass all kinds of farm animals. This beach Cala Goloritze pictured in figure 2 above is at the heart of all of this. It was created from a landslide in 1962, the beach is so well protected that you’ll have to swim ashore from your boat; or hike 4km from the other ports to access it. Read on below to see how best to experience this Sardinia wonder.

How to get here form stop 1

You have some choices, you can drive for 2/3 hours down the coast. Then rent a local boat. If you’re an experienced sailor you could sail the journey but its 123.6km, so we would recommend hiring a driver to take you. Don’t worry though, after this 2/3 hour journey, the boat tour below will take you down the beautiful coast of Baunei, stopping at the Cala Goloritzè, Cala Mariolu, Cala Biriala, and Cala Gabbiani.

Before arriving, you’ll want to click here and buy your ticket/guide via getyourguide for the boat tour mentioned above. This means a local guide will sail you for 50-70 Euros taking all the stress of travel off your shoulders, landind you in the beauty of figure 2 without a care in the world. We think this is essential in this area because not only do you have a 4km hike to access the beach from some locations, they also only let 200 people onto the beach per day, so some guidance is essential. After you’ve spent an afternoon in this area get ready for your next stop!

Stop 3: Port Giunco – Villasimius

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(Actual photo from @marklions on Instagram) – Figure 3

Why it’s so special

Porto Giunco is a tropical shore sprouting from the heart of the Mediterranean. Out of all the sights Italy and Sardinia has to offer, the shores of Porto Giunco are surely one of the most famous. Travel bloggers flock to the region to capture its aquamarine colours which have been perfectly painted on either side of these white sands, see it yourself in figure 3.

How to get here form stop 2

From the previous location this will take you 2 hours by car. You can rent a car or a driver here. Once you arrive in the location you can hire a boat very easily here. Or you can hire a professional tour group which specialise in sailing in these areas here.

Stop 4: Grotte San Giovanni – Domusnovas

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(Actual photo from @marklions on Instagram) – Figure 4

Why it’s so special

This astonishing natural cave had once been a method of driving through the mountain. At around 850 meters long, it’s now a breath-taking hike. You’ll pass through jagged rock formations accompanied by a beautiful riverbed. It takes about 30 minutes to walk through the tunnel and back. You can easily pass through this without a guide, but if you were a little unsure there is a tourist information centre outside the entrance.

How to get here form stop 3

From stop 3 to stop 2 (Villasimius to Domusnovas) we’ll be crossing the main body of Sardinia. This is because the rest of the trip destinations are on the west side of this beautiful island. Stop 2 to stop 3 is the perfect time to make the crossing, it takes about 1 hour and 30 minutes via car. The route is very simple as you’ll just need to drive towards Cagliari and then continue west towards Dmousnovas. Cagliari was the capital of the Kingdom of Sardinia from 1324 to 1848, it’s well worth a stop here to see the archetiture too if you have time.

Stop 5: Grotta Azzurra – Masua

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(Actual photo from @marklions on Instagram) – Figure 5

Why it’s so special

Jump aboard a kayak or a rowboat of your choice, sit back and sail through a small stone entrance which teleports to you to the world like no other seen in figure 5. Inside you’ll find a sparkling neon lit cave which stands proud of its beauty and history; this Grotto was once used as a marine temple by the romans.

How to get here form stop 4

From the last destination it’s just a 40-minute drive to the coast, you’ll need to follow the SS130 west, merging onto the SS126 and then north onto the SP83. You’ll need to follow signs for Masua. You’ll then be able to hire a boat or have a local agent take you to the destination. We recommend you park at the Spiaggia di Masua beach because you’ll find other tourist agents who can help you get to the cove.

Stop 6: Cala Del Balenotto – Buggerru

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(Actual photo from @marklions on Instagram) – Figure 6

Why it’s so special

This beautiful cove “Cala del Balenottero” is next to a fascinating cliff in the town of Buggerru. The beach is reformed every year and its size changes according to annual weather conditions. No matter what though, the sea has a sandy and shallow bottom, with crystalline water between green and blue seen in figure 6.

How to get here form stop 5.

We recommend you charter a local boat or use a group tour to get to this location, it’s only 17.5km north of the last destination by car on the SP83. At that length of distance, especially by the coast, we recommend you sail it! If you haven’t already got a method of renting a boat, click here to rent one in this area. Click here to book and awesome sailing activity in Buggerru after you arrive for about 60 euros

Stop 7: A Picture of our whole route.

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Figure 7 - Tripapt’s trip planner.

We used our trip planner to plan this route. You can use it too for other plans you’d like it make for free!

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