How to earn $1000 from 22-hours a month teaching English online.

This post will help you make the most amount of money from the least amount of time through teaching online.

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How i consistently earn $1000 from 22-hours a month teaching English online

About our author - Jon

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Hi, I’m Jon Page, through Tripapt i aspire to help travelers get the most out of their traveling experiences. I think people are too familiar with the idea of saving for months in order to have a one-week adventure. I’d like to introduce easy methods of making money whilst traveling in order to help people have longer more fulfilling experiences (whilst improving their career prospects). I’m suggesting people learn to travel and work, as working like a local is a great way to understand local life and it’s a profitable alternative to other traveling methods. I work from the ground up by working in the roles we post on, using the money made to invest back into tripapt. Currently my favoured style of traveling whilst earning is through teaching. Thus far I’ve worked in a dozen different part time and full time teaching roles which If deemed ideal for those who love to work and travel i’ve posted on tripapt. After i post the jobs I’ve worked in on tripapt, others can apply. As well as this, on tripapt you’ll find other jobs we at tripapt feel are ideal for making money whilst traveling. Look out for “Managed by Tripapt” on our jobs page to find jobs tripapt employees and me have worked in personally!

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Enough about me, let’s talk about this post, in this post i explain how you can find high paying private tutoring jobs. Where i aim to show you how to move those jobs online to minimize the time invested and maximize time enjoying life. I also plan to share a few lesson plans/resources with you which will reduce your time invested further.

Where to find high salary tutoring jobs and what to be aware of.

The best high salary teaching jobs come from friends of friends which cuts out the hefty fees of the middleman business from every months paycheck. puts scale to the idea of friends of friends. - Amy Tang, connected teacher through and applied here

I’ve been in situations where the middleman who connected me to a job took the same amount as me per hour even though all they did was connect me with the job 1 year ago!

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I’ve also experienced the pain of being the paying customer, where i’d be paying double what my teacher is making per hour in order to learn Korean/Chinese; letting the middleman take a huge cut just to create that initial connection. It’s really important to avoid these huge fees.

If your a student or a teacher it’s important to be aware of how much money is being paid to each member of the learning party. If your paying the teacher for a service the teacher should recieve the sum which the student deems worthy.

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Ofcourse if your paying a high price for a teacher you expect your teacher to really bring their best to every lesson. However, if you know your paying a cheaper price you might be a bit more forgiving if the teacher wasnt performing 100%. Without transparency in this learning circle it becomes hard to find the right teacher because let’s be honest, you get what you pay for.

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As a side note, lot’s of these agents spend alot of time and money outreaching to parents to advertise their teaching platform. So it’s fair that they take a small % of money for each lesson, especially if you are using their resources too. I’ve collected a bundle of the highiest paid tutoring companies which you can apply to work in online my clicking here here.

What qualifications do you need for English tutoring jobs?

Our teachers have a variety of qaulifications, but the two consistencies are that they have all have a TEFL certificate and a Bachelors Degree from University. - Will Hubbard - Head of the foriegn teacher department, Shanghai Oriental ladder billingual school.

To Tutor To teach in a school
TEFL Qualified*, Bachelor Degree. TEFL Qualified, Bachelor Degree, Native English Speakers.*

*Native English speaker.
Sometimes schools are flexible on this if your resume is good enough; often they will say native is required but they can make exceptions. Therefore, you should apply regardless (ofcourse only if your English is good enough).

*TEFL certified DANGER!
Some schools will say “Hello, apply to teach in … through our website and we will pay for your TEFL”.

DON’T DO IT! It sounds great but actually, that company usually has a special relationship with the given countries visa office.
After you arrive your qaulification is only applicable if you work for that given company. These companies usually pay you half the going rate in that area and work you double! I learned this the hard way. Our website connects you directly with the local agents who work as head hunters for each school/job, so your avoiding those international businesses fees.

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I got my TEFL through TEFL Academy and i’ve not had any problems in my job/visa applications.

It’s not an art form to land a good job, you just need to get the basic qualifications and start applying.

A weekly planner for teaching and learning online around a day job.

This is the lifestyle I live now as I write this post. It’s been adjusted countless times over a 1 year period. During my time learning how to manage my time around a full-time job/ 2 languages and having a bustling social life there were days where i felt burnt-out and frustrated. However, now i have this schedule i feel like i’ve never been so happy whilst working towards my goals.

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You can see how i group my learning times together so that i can maximise how i spend my free time without thinking about starting work soon, I recommend you do this.

My next suggestion is the most important, it’s to not think too much. When i first started i used to plan every lesson to the finest detail. After realising i was spending 22hours a month planning and 22 hours a month teaching, i spoke with the parents of my students.

I asked them what book their child studies from in school. Once i got this information, i suggested that i teach their children the topics which their school English teacher will be teaching them in the next week. This keeps them ahead of the classroom and minimises my time planning as the parents already know the lesson content as they have their schools lesson plan.

Where to find lesson plans & lesson materials for teaching english online and offline?

Lesson plans:

  1. Ask the parents what thier schools lesson plan is.
  2. Message us on Tripapt’s facebook quoting “lesson plan” and we will send examples to you.


  1. Ask the parents for an online PDF of the book their kids learn from at school.
  2. Message us on Tripapt’s facebook and we will add you to group chat’s with a collecton of shared resources.

How to make a high paid offline job a high paid online job.

If a job is offline but you’d like to have it online i’d suggest you follow these steps for your best chance:

  1. Make face to face contact. Establish trust and show the client how fantastic you are.

  2. After the class, ask to talk to the clients parents or to the client about the future.
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  3. Talk about your plan for your clients future, (how you plan to make them always 1 week ahead of the school).

  4. Mention the time you spent traveling to the destination and how you love teaching this student but you see yourself able to do it for a much longer period of time online.

  5. Show them how to use Zoom, even download it for them and do a call face to face if you need to.

  6. Tell them your happy to cut the class fee by …% if you move online, don’t pause before you recommend establishing a “free online trail class” the same time next week.

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If you read this far you are awesome, i really appreciate you taking the time to learn about my lifestyle and it excites me to know it might be inspiring others. I’m only a message away, i’ll read everything you write below and reply to it personally. Thanks again, i hope i brough some valuable insight into your online teaching adventure.

By TripaptPublished Apr 23, 2021


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