How to live like a local whilst you travel.

Travelling has long been known to provide beautiful bank breaking trips which give you memories to reflect upon for years to come.

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Travelling to experience the local lifestyle.

Travelling has long been known to provide beautiful bank breaking trips which give you memories to reflect upon for years to come. Returning from trips and taking a fingernail to scratch map only to commence saving for the next adventure is a lifestyle burden of the many. The footprints on the beaten path are ever expanding but a new age is here.

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A few souls are verging away from conventional travel options finding a multiplicity of experiences enjoyed only by locals and the wanderlust veterans. We know the best experiences aren’t just formulated through places you see, but more so, they are created through the things you do and the people you share those memories with.

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Why should I work whilst I travel?

The drive to travel demands financial fuel, year after year our founders have worked 9-5 in an array of jobs such as call centres, coffee shops and bars. All this just to afford a few months in paradise. Repeating this lifestyle over the years it’s inevitable to meet an entourage of people who make their money online whilst travelling such as bloggers, investors and all kinds of freelancers. However, one way of financing the adventure reverberated throughout all the adventures thanks to the bright-eyed passion portrayed in the experiences shared through a few knowledgeable souls. Those knowledgeable souls would work off the beaten track in an array of positions from bar work, scuba diving instructors to teachers all of whom were making money whilst having the time of their lives. As well as that, there’s nothing more rewarding whilst travelling than getting to know the residents of your utopia.

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How to use Tripapt to live like a local.

The conversations with the locals help you gage the culture, not to mention they know the place better than anyone. Working alongside these people for a few hours here and there brings you into their community; you begin to experience the true perks of travel. Since Tripapt is a place where travellers can plan their route, find and apply for local temp jobs along that route and then share that route with the world. It only made sense to document such unique experiences too. Therefore, this blog will be dedicated to those who work and travel among us, where we will write about our experiences in temping around the world. Sharing the knowledge learnt from those who might be interested in joining in.

Why is Tripapt different?

Sometimes the search for work abroad can consume your trip, sending you spiralling off route to find something that works for you. This is why we made the travel planner, an easy tool which allows you to define where you’ll be and when, showing you the opportunities near you. We’ve also put together a dashboard for managing your job applications, including a messaging system so you can message your Tripapt’s. We will be adding more services and update as we grow, you can check for these updates on the announcements section of the dashboard or on our social channels.

The following posts will come from our founding team and other travellers who will document there experiences in tempbacking around the world, stay in touch and subscribe!

By TripaptPublished May 2, 2019


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