How to work for accommodation off the beaten path as a solo traveler.

Backpackers, we need cheap accommodation, right? Well, we’re not doing a good job at finding it. Read on to find out how to get it.

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How to work for accommodation off the beaten path as a solo traveler.

Work for accommodation.

Work for accommodation

Backpackers, we need cheap accommodation, right? Well, we’re not doing a good job at finding it. We’re currently spending over a quarter of our precious travel budget on accommodation! To be precise, we’re spending 27% percent of our hard-earned budget!

The average month-long backpacker trip costs about $1500, so that means we spend a whopping $375 on hostels in shared rooms per month! That’s over half of the price of the PADI open water diving certificate you might obtain whilst away.

We’ve found a way for you to go to your desired destination and save all that money! All you need to do is go to the same hostel that you probably would have stayed at anyway, but this time, you’ll be exchanging 2/3 hours of work a day for your free accommodation! This means you get more of an “off beaten path” adventure. Allowing you to experience local cultures, get MORE experience on your CV whilst travelling, and most importantly, have MORE money in the bank!

How to use our trip planner to save money.

Tripapt trip planner

How can you stay on your desired path and not get caught up in the desire to save money?

Well, it’s simple. Use the Tripapt trip planner to plan your trip, and then hover over the map and you’ll be able to see the jobs (and the flight deals from the last place) in each location you’re going to. Simply upload your CV to our website and click apply! Wait up to 24 hours for our reply. Your hostel will then guide you through the onboarding. What if you don’t find the job your looking for? Just message us on Facebook and we’ll do all the leg work to find you the perfect job.

Let’s look at a case study example to see how the Tripapt trip planner really works.

How a solo traveler could work for accommodation.

Solo female travel

Meet Rebecca!

Rebecca, 25 years old, wants to take 3 months off in her gap year to go through Thailand, Vietnam, Bali and Australia. She’s a female solo traveler with a strong desire to experience local cultures. She wants an off the beaten path experience.

She’s been on other websites and seen work away options but:

  1. It’s going to cost her $6900 for a package deal.
  2. She must stick to all the beaten tracks of where everyone else goes.

After she realizes the organization fee is huge, she decides to plan it herself, finding work for accommodation. Going where she wants to go, off the beaten path.

Rebecca searches for world trip planners to help her plan her trip like a true solo traveler and finds She uses the Tripapt trip planner to visualize her adventure through Thailand, Vietnam, Bali and Australia.

She notices that Tripapt has a jobs button on the map above each of her chosen destinations, she clicks it and applies to work in the most popular hostels in that area in exchange for 2/3 hours of her time in work each day. This is fine for her! She’s experiencing life like a local this way whilst making new friends to explore with in her plentiful free time.

Side note on saving money: Rebecca used the same map to book her flights because Tripapt is partnered with Skyscanner! Allowing her to buy flights deals thanks to Skyscanner whilst she visualizes her route!

How to find accommodation off the beaten path to work in.

However, Rebecca noticed a problem, she found her jobs in Australia to apply for, but she didn’t see any jobs in exchange for work available in Vietnam! She messaged Tripapt on Facebook, “Hi, I’m looking for a job in ho chi minh, hoping to stay for 2 weeks, can you help me find work for accommodation?”. Within 24 hours, Tripapt had reached out to hostels and posted a job for Rebecca to apply for, by chance they included meals too.

Rebecca safely traveled her route for 3 months, spent $1125 per month in travel costs. After she saved roughly $375 per month on not having to pay for accommodation.

Experience local cultures with more money in the bank.

enter image description here

She returned home to the UK with money in the bank and experience on her CV and knowledge of life like a local across the world. Some of the hostels she worked at even rewarded her with certificates of service. Her parents who were worried she’d be spending too long off the career ladder at such a vital age felt proud. Well done Rebecca!

Browse the full list of our work for accommodation options available here and kickstart your more affordable adventure today.

By TripaptPublished Jul 19, 2022


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