How we can use Aprils 'Full Pink Moon’ for self betterment.

All that travel and work got you you tired? Let's use this lunar event for a timeout, keeping ourselves in control.

How we can use Aprils 'Full Pink Moon’ for self betterment. Large Header Image

How we can use Aprils 'Full Pink Moon’ for self betterment.

Throughout the year, there is an abundance of full moons for us to adore. These moons don’t just represent the start of a new lunar cycle, for zodiac enthusiasts they represent where we should focus our attention, whether it be on career, relationship or even self-care.

We’ve already seen the January Wolf, February Snow and the March Worm Moons but now it’s time for us to welcome the Pink Moon of April and it’s accompanying sense of calmness, peace and reflection. Read on to see what the new season may have in store for you.

If you already know why we call it a full pink moon skip to “How can I use this time to improve my work/life relationship.” However, if your not familiar with this terminology read on below to find out why it’s called a full pink moon even though there is no pink hue involved.

Pink Moon

What is a Pink Full Moon?

The name of this lunar event is named after a Pink Wildflower, also known as phlox subulata, or creeping phlox. This plant blooms in early April in the United States. Whilst it is not a new season in the southern hemisphere, the accompanying feeling of a fresh start is present throughout the world during this time.

When is the Pink Full Moon in 2022?

It all depends on where you’re looking from. In 2022, the lunar event will begin it’s stretch across the sky on April 17 from 5am AEST (Australian time) or 8pm tonight in GMT+1 (United Kingdom) , 4pm EST (New York) or 10pm South African time.

So, if you’re in the mood for a little lunar appreciation, then try going to the highest point of your home, on an event like this, you should be able to see the moon no matter the level of light pollution— that’s if it’s not a clouded over night.

This moon has many meanings, it can be known as the Paschal Full Moon, the first full moon after the spring equinox; an important event for those who celebrate easter. As well as this, according to Spirituality & Relationships writer, Sarah Regan, this moon is also a Libra moon since the the moon will also be squared with Pluto. The rest of this article will look into how zodiac enthusiasts would use this time for a period of self-reflection.

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How can i use this time to improve my work/life relationship?

This Full Pink Moon is a time plant new seeds, take on new resolutions, and plans after you’ve engaged in a period of self-evaluation.

Let’s look below at how the fire, earth, air and water signs should use this period of evaluation.

“Set aside some time this weekend to get clear on where you’re kidding yourself and what your heart is really asking for”- said Sarah Regan to MBG Mindfulness.


Fire signs, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius — should focus on relationships, no matter which kind; to find a healthy balance between each relationship is a priority. Especially work and life, you should strive to work in a career which allows you to live as closely to your “ideal” self as possible. You can use Sirgy, M.J’s (1982) module of self here to compartmentalise the sense of self; helping you understand what steps you need to take to close the gap between your “Actual self” and “Ideal self”.

An example from the Author : I’m an Aries and I’ll be using this time to reflect on the relationships between my work and life. As some readers may know I live in Shanghai, China and have done for 4 years. I’ve recently decided to move to the Southern China coast to work away from the city in my endeavour towards a well-rounded work life relationship. I’ll be using this time to plan that adventure, secure working opportunities and think about what new seaside hobbies I’d like to start. - Jon Page - Co-Founder of


Earth signs, like Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, should pay attention on honesty with themselves and others, assessing all those whom receive your time. This will enable individuals to enhance daily routines, whether that routine is in rest or work.

Note on routines: Have a rest day from your routine once or twice a week, live freely during those days, use it as a time for journaling about what you liked/didn’t like about the routine this week. You can change it, it’s your life.

"It’s a beautiful time to forgive and ask for forgiveness and be honest about what needs you have that are not being met” said Jane Allison, an astrologer and tarot-card reader to Pop Sugar in an interview about the Pink Moon.


Similarly, to the above, the air signs, including Gemini, Libra and Aquarius—are advised to put themselves first and treat themselves. But instead of splurging on fancy items this month’s self-evaluation should check your levels of creative fulfilment, assess where your boundaries are in your work and life relationship, and make sure you have time to grow your own knowledge.


Finally the water signs, Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces should consider rebirth, in one way or another. This does not need you to change jobs/move homes, it can be as simple as spring cleaning your home. This will allow you to declutter and re-consider holding onto items you might have been holding onto for the wrong reasons. Use this newfound space to create something like a hobby corner, where you dedicate time from your routine into a new creative adventure.

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