Top 5 Must-Visit Cities in Asia

Asian cities comprise some of the most diverse places in the world through its' people, food and culture. We share our 'Top 5 Cities' for travelers!

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Asia is home to some of the most beautiful and fascinating places to visit in the world. As the largest continent in the world, Asia has some of the most vast, unique and exotic locations to visit. Whether you’re looking to visit a vibrant buzzing big city or escaping to tranquil natural oasis, there is a spot in Asia that fits your dream. Explore the highest peak in the world, learn the traditions of some of the oldest civilizations in the world, appreciate some of the most naturally beautiful landscapes, and explore some of the bustling and highly populous cities in the world. No matter where you go, you’ll be able to experience some of most diverse culture, delicious cuisine and unique histories in the world. Here is our top five cities to visit in Asia.

Bali Indonesia Jungle Beach View

Bali, Indonesia

A tropical destination awaits you in Bali. From the lush jungles, the incredible beaches, and delicious exotic food, Bali is an oasis in itself. Explore the iconic paddy fields and rice terraces, learn about the religious history of the Indonesian people in the many temples throughout the country, and unwind on the untouched sandy beaches under the swaying palm trees. Bali is one of those topical escapes people dream about exploring their whole lives. You’ll find relaxation, excitement and wonder all wrapped into one beautiful city.

Tokyo, Japan Night Life Street Lights

Tokyo, Japan

The capital of Japan is by far one of the most exciting cities to visit in Asia. It’s a mecca of culture, food, excitement, and technology. The bright lights, the vibrant nightlife, and the old-meets-new architecture draw people in from all around the world. Explore one of the oldest Buddhist temples Senso-Ji temple, see the beautiful cherry blossom trees bloom every spring in March/April, and try all the delicious street food you can eat along the way. Tokyo will keep you entertained and exploring every minute of the day.

Bagan, Myanmar View Overlooking Temple Through Trees

Bagan, Myanmar

When visiting Bagan or Myanmar in general, you will find the temples and shrines throughout the country to be a deeply spiritual experience. Whether you’re spiritual-religious or not, you will appreciate the beauty and history of these restored temples. The iconic sunrise over Bagan’s cityscape is famous for its hot air balloon experiences which is by far the best way to experience the vast glory of this city.

Bangkok Thailand, Streed Food and Shops

Bangkok, Thailand

Bangkok is one of the most popular tourist destination in Asia. This city is full of culture and history: floating boat markets, mesmerizing temples, and some of the most delicious food markets and street vendors. Bangkok hosts a combination of modern convenience and luxury with high rise buildings and sky scrapers as well as reverence of historical significance. However one of the most enticing features of this city is food! Eat your way through the street markets, floating boat markets, and the best authentic Thai cuisine.

Hanoi, Vietnam Red Star Flag Building

Hanoi, Vietnam

The capital city of Vietnam is home to a rich culture steeped in heritage, community and beauty. As one of the most visited cities in Vietnam, it has a blend of old world and new world. Explore the Old Quarter with historically rich buildings, temples and museums await you. Or head into new urban downtown areas for unique dining, modern luxury, bright lights and nightlife. No matter which area you discover, you will find Hanoi to be extremely beautiful, the people welcoming, and leave with a sense of awe and fascination for this beautiful city.

Consider Asian cities for your next trip

The cities, people, food and culture of the different areas of Asia are as vast and diverse as the continent. Some of these cities are home to so many breathtaking views, historical temples and shrines, delicious and exotic food, and the busiest cities in the world. We hope this inspires you to get out and explore some of these amazing cities because whether you’re looking for that tropical oasis or a bustling city, you’ll find your next best trip right here on the continent of Asia.

By TripaptPublished Aug 31, 2020


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