Top 6 Places to Visit in The Philippines

If you're a fan of beautiful beaches, delicious fruit and tropical islands located in Southeast Asia, the Philippines is a place for you

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The Philippines is the go-to destination for wanderlusts. With over 7,000 islands, the Asia Pacific country offers a rich menu of attractions and sceneries that captivate any traveler. The country is divided into three main island groups of Visayas, Mindanao, and Luzon, representing the different regions in the country.

The distinctive feature of the country is its undulating range of rainforest-covered mountains. Apart from the scenery, you can have a memorable hiking experience. Its pristine beaches offer the perfect spot for sunbathing, scuba diving, and whale watching. You can also enjoy your stay in the Philippines by visiting the historical streets of the capital city,

Without a doubt, the Philippines offers the best beaches in the Pacific sea, where visitors can immerse themselves in different fun activities.

Let’s look at the top 6 places to visit in the Philippines.

Bohol tree tops


This magnificent tropical island is tucked in the central Visayas region of the Philippines. The island showcases its’ natural beauty, featuring white sandy beaches lined with coconut trees. This destination is known for its unique natural wonder, the Chocolate Hills, a UNESCO protected site. If you want to see how 1, 200 geological formulations, covered in green grass, can turn brown during the dry season, then Chocolate Hills is a must-visit.

Apart from the uniqueness of the Chocolate Hills, Bohol is home to the Tarsier, a primate known for its wide, rolling eyes.
Tarsier primate of Bohol

For loves of scuba diving, this is the place to be. It is the main scuba diving destination in the Philippines.

If you plan to visit this destination for scuba diving, it is advisable to get travel insurance for scuba diving. Preferably, get diving insurance because, while we don’t want to imagine accidents, they do happen.

Boracay Beach


Located less than an hour from the Capital Manila by plane, Boracay is arguably the beach capital of the Philippines. The west Visayas region’s destination is known for its more than 12 powdery white sandy beaches.

Once in the highland, beachgoers can sunbathe and enjoy other water activities at the White Beach. Shell collectors will find the Puka Shell Beach more convenient. Treasure lovers may try their luck at the nearby caves of the Cagban beach. To get the best view of the island, visit the Diniwid Beach or take a trip to Mount Luho.

Boracay beaches offer the best beaches to engage in all manner of beach activities. Adrenaline junkies can engage in snorkeling and scuba diving. You can even engage in family activities such as banana boating, helmet diving, and fly fishing.

Boracay is an attractive tourist destination, all year round. However, it is vibrant From December to May. If you don’t like crowded beaches, avoid Christmas and summer. July to November is the low season months. To get a glimpse of the island’s spectacular sunset, visit the area from October to November. Above all, don’t forget your sunglasses when you visit this destination.

Cebu blue sea


Located in the central Visayas region of the Philippines, the island of Cebu is the perfect tropical escape. With its white-sand beaches, pristine coralline, and azure waters, this is a getaway for the underwater enthusiasts. You can get up close to sea turtles and whales.

Cebu is a divers’ paradise. At Malapascua Island, you will see the thresher sharks. Getting to Moalboal, you will get the ideal diving spot with a steep underwater wall that drops from 3m down to 65m. Moalboal is where you can swim alongside turtles and view the spectacular coral gardens.

Of course, it would be a crime to leave Cebu before visiting the sea caves, especially the Bukilat cave. An hour and a half from Cebu City, you can also visit the Sudlon National Park, where you can explore the flora and fauna, and possibly hike.

The best time to travel to Cebu is between November and February because the weather is warm and cool. July to October is characterized by rain, but you can still enjoy your stay because it’s the low season. Moreover, finding accommodation is easy and cheaper. March to June is summer, the temperatures can be sweltering and schools are closed. So the beaches are packed at these times.

Vigan, Historical City


Vigan is a city that claims its fame as a tourist spot because of its historical significance. Located in the Luzon area, Vigan is a unique example of a European colonial city. It was established by the Spaniards who colonized the area in the 16th century.

Like all their colonies, the Spaniards built Vigan the European way, and it has retained its appearance for over 500 years. Now, the city is a fusion of Spanish and Chinese influence because they are the settlers in the area.

To get the best view of this city, visit the Bantay Bell Tower. You can also visit the breathtaking St. Paul Metropolitan Cathedral. Don’t forget to take a ride in a horse-drawn Kasela through the cobblestone alleys and take photos of the colonial architecture.

Visit Vigan during the dry months of November to April because most festivals occur during this period. Specifically, the week-long Vigan Town Fiesta occurs in January while the Viva Vigan Festival takes place in March. So, if you want to learn more about the cultural and historical significance of this city, visit during these times.

Banaue Green Terraces


The rice terraces of the Banaue are an epitome of the perfect blending of physical, cultural, socioeconomic, political, and religious activities. The emerald-green terraces are a cultural landscape of unmatched beauty.

Visit the Bangaad Rice Terraces and the Batad Rice Terraces, which are UNESCO world heritage sites. For a deeper immersion into the social-cultural aspects of this area, get to the Hiwang Village or the Banaue Ethnic Village, where you will mingle with the indigenous community to learn how they farm their rice.

To get the most impressive views of the terraces, visit at sunrise when the fog lift from the mountains. Winter is also the best time to view the slopes, and the activity level is high. As for summer and fall, the abundant rains may deny you the best views.

Manila Crowded City


Manila, the capital city of the Philippines is a city bustling with activity. Hop into one of the jeepneys and get a taste of local life. Of course, don’t fail to take a bus ride in one of the kitschy hybrid vehicles that characterize the city to enjoy a bumpy ride.

As you take photos of the Spanish colonial architecture and some of the most iconic buildings in the city, also visit the public market at Quiapo Church to buy fruits and other handmade gifts.

Visit Intramuros, a colonial-walled city at the heart of old Manila, to learn some history. There you will find San Agustin Church and Fort Santiago, two significant historical features.

Manila sits on the seafront, making it the perfect destination for beach lovers. However, it also becomes a target for sea typhoons that may destroy your holiday. So, it is advisable to plan your vacation between May and November, outside the rainy seasons.

These are our top 6 places to visit in the Philippines.

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