Companies changing the world - Are we looking for you?

We are identifying exactly what it is we are looking for, so we can show you the best of the best when it comes to who's changing the world.

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Companies who change the world.

We recently introduced our sustainable travel series in a previous post where we introduced our plans into how we want to help the world.

The companies who are changing travel for the better.

The series will identify the companies which are actively targetting sustainability in travel; aiming find out what they are doing and how they are doing it. 10.4% of global GDP is coming from the travel industry, the companies in this sector have some big pockets to make our world a greener place. 90% of these companies have a sustainability programme which is targeting a sustainable cause. This is the place where we will recognise those companies which are shaping our future for targeting the causes most valuable to us.

Companies which help improve the environment, economy, and socio-cultural climate.

We need to recognise that there are three ‘pillars’ to consider: environmental, economic, and socio-cultural. In order to find the companies, we need to drill down into the definitions of what the biggest matters in those areas are. In 2012 the hashtag, ‘over tourism’, became an active hashtag on twitter for the first time. Then in 2018 the telegraph wanted to make ‘over tourism’ the word of the year. All this talk of over tourism called for a reform about what defines such a term. Professor Claudio Milano from Ostelea school of tourism and hospitality got behind this movement and called it the ‘reductionist approach’. It enables the identification of “over tourism” through 6 subcategories.

  1. Congestion of public spaces in city centres.
  2. The privatisation of public spaces.
  3. The growth of cruise tourism and the consequential seasonal congestion.
  4. The rise in house prices.
  5. The loss of residents purchasing power.
  6. The unbalanced number of locals compared to visitors.

Looking for companies which have a CSR combating these 6 would be our starting point into our identification of candidates who deserve an honourable mention.

If you know any companies which are fulfilling the criteria please email us at or comment below.

The tools available in the travel industry that make CSR easy.

We also want to be identifying tools which make sustainable travel easier for companies to manage and be held accountable for. In December 2017 the well-known agency McKinsey & Company released a report on what companies can do to help manage overcrowding and tourism destinations. The report identifies things tourism managers should integrate into their business which show how to prevent, mitigate and monitor overcrowding. We’re going to combine these findings together with the 6 subcategories from the Professor of the latter to make/create a spotlight into who’s helping the most in the industry.

  1. Building a comprehensive fact base, and updating it regularly; developing analytical capabilities based on your countries tourism strategies.
  2. Conducting long term planning into sustainable growth, shifting focusing from promotion to planning.
  3. Involve all sections of society, commercial, public and social. All stakeholders are being addressed. E.g. companies working with local communities to discuss and create solutions.
  4. Finding new sources of funding, creating finance investments from the people of the area so they can benefit from the growth of their own community.

In simple we will use these 4 as a spotlight to search for companies creating such methods in areas which are impacted by Professor Claudio Milano 6 problem points.

Identifying groups of people who are improving the travel climate.

Creating a sustainability within the tourism industry can also be a result of bridging the gap between locals and expats. We also want to recognise the groups/people around the world who are bringing the world together, as we know sometimes it doesn’t take a conglomerate to solve a problem, it might just take once voice. If you’re one of these people or know someone who is, then you know what to do.

Email us at with your mission statement for us to investigate and interview.

By TripaptPublished Sep 3, 2019


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